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Posters & Banners

Large format posters and banners are excellent for:

  • tradeshow banners and graphics
  • in-store point-of-purchase displays (retail store displays)
  • research posters for medical, scientific presentation
  • event signs and promotional signage
  • outdoor banner display
  • presentations
  • business or personal artwork display
  • anywhere you need to display large photographic-quality images.

Posters for use away from sunlight
These big Image posters are printed using Dye based Inks. Dye based inks produce extremely vibrant colours and are very economically priced. It should be noted that Dye ink posters will fade if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Used internally their life is virtually unlimited.

Sunlight stable posters
External use Big Image posters are printed using Solvent based Inks. Solvent inks are guaranteed stable against UV light exposure for up to three years. In practice the durability may be expected to be in excess of this. Solvent based inks are completely waterproof and can be printed directly on to a number of non-porous stocks.

A range materials can be used including some fabrics and Nylon re-inforced PVC for outdoor banners, some are suitable for either Dye or Solvent inks and some are suitable for both.

  • 170 gm Photorealistic Matt Paper (Dye and Solvent)
  • 170 gm Gloss Paper (Dye and Solvent)
  • 170 gm Satin Paper (Dye and Solvent)
  • Cling Film (Dye)
  • Treviera Polycloth (Dye and Solvent)
  • Backlit Film for use in lightboxes (Dye and Solvent)
  • PSV Pressure Sensitive Vinyl - Vehicle Graphics (Solvent)
  • Reinforced Banner Vinyl (Solvent)
  • 'Peelezee' Adhesive Opaque Film (Solvent)
  • Wet Strength Paper, suitable for Bill boards (Solvent)

Finishing Options
Encapsulation + Mounting on to 5mm Foamex - Our highest quality finishing option. Posters are laminated and mounted on to an ultralight plastic foam-board, making them ideal for high impact presentations, displays and exhibitions.
Poster Encapsulation (Gloss laminating) - Protects your posters, making them durable, wipe clean, and waterproof.
Recommended if you plan on using your posters more than once.